How It Started

From modeling to acting to artist and realtor...


Starting around age 11, Shane was fortunate to have an opportunity to move to New York and begin modeling. He worked mostly modeling kids clothing for catalogs. Occasionally he posed for artists who would create illustrations for book covers. Check out some of the ads of Shane as a young model.

In New York City, the family rented an apartment on Roosevelt Island, a small island in the east river under the Queensborough bridge between Manhattan and Queens. Shane enrolled in professional children’s school, a private school on the upper west side that educated young professionals such as Jerry O’Connell, Sarah Michell Gellar and Donald Faison.

“Living in the city was incredible! Everyone you met was interesting. They were dancers or musicians, different languages,, different cultures, the music, the streets, it was overwhelming and exhilarating. It was the year I bought my first pair of roller blades and started to paint.”

Commercial Actor

Shane was working full time as a model, his agent decided it was time to take a step up and started submitting him for commercial auditions, Shane booked his first commercial at age 14, a "Drug Free America" ad. This was followed by commercials for Stove Top, Ethan Allen Furniture, and Stridex.

“Acting was the next step, I started to take acting classes, I was auditioning more and for larger rolls, it was fun.”

During the summer Shane would rollerblade to auditions, crossing Manhattan on skates.

“If I needed to get somewhere fast, I would grab a cab, literally grab the back bumper of a cab. Most of the time the driver wouldn’t notice, and it was a nice quick trip down sixth avenue but sometimes they would see you and would slam on their breaks, honk their horn, and a few colorful words were always accompanied. You have to pay attention especially when you're surrounded by other cars.”

Television Actor

Shane started auditioning and landed his first television acting role in the original 1990 version of "The Baby-Sitters Club". He played the character named Jamie Anderson which turned out to be a limited character.

Despite being a one-season show on HBO, the series created a huge following of kids that loved the series during the 1990s and beyond. In fact, the show was remade in 2020 and has found renewed success.

Next on his acting resume, Shane was booked for the character of Garrett Booth in a TV series called "Swans Crossing" where he appeared with young actors Sarah Michelle Gellar and Brittany Daniel.

Shane recalls what an amazing time this was getting to perform with other actors on the show. Check out what he had to say when all the young actors realized how big the show had gotten!

Movie Star

In 1993, just a few years after beginning his acting career, Shane landed the starring role the movie "Airborne". The film has a cult classic following and is still loved today. He appeared with rising stars Seth Green and Jack Black, along with longtime favorite Edie McClure as his caring Aunt Irene.

Soap Star

After the movie, Shane landed a role on the super popular soap opera "All My Children" where he played the character of Scott Chandler for 2 years.


For Shane as an artist, he started painting while attending a school for actors in New York. After All My Children, he spent months in Spain painting every day. When he came back to New York, he began studying Art..


Shane moved to Galveston Island in 2003 and bought a historic house which he ended up renovating himself. To pay for the rebuilding, he started working as a REALTOR buying and selling waterfront and historic properties in Galveston.

Shane McDermott in The Baby-Sitters Club

The Baby-Sitters Club

Shane as Jamie Anderson

Episode 7 of this short-lived HBO series was titled "Dawn & The Dream Boy". Shane played the role of Jamie Anderson who was, of course, also known as the "dream boy".

Shane McDermott with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Brittany Daniel

Swans Crossing

Shane as Garrett Booth

Shane and fellow actors (including Sarah Michelle Gellar and Brittany Daniel) filmed over 60 episodes in just three months!

Shane McDermott with Seth Green in Airborne


Shane as Mitchell Goosen

Shane recalls several memories of being on set with Seth Green and Jack Black as he lands the starring role in this 1990's classic. See what he had to say....

Shane as Scott Chandler in All My Children

All my Children

Shane as Scott Chandler

Shane played the character of Scott Chandler for two years and really enjoyed working on the show.