Early Years as a model

Shane McDermott Modeling

Shane McDermott Young Model
Shane McDermott Modeling Izod Kids
During the first year that Shane was modeling he did campaigns for Izod kids, French Toast, Polo – Ralph Lauren, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macys,  and Carvel Ice Cream...as well as numerous book covers.

From Texas To New York City

At age 11, Shane and his family moved from Texas to New York City, where Shane started work as a Ford model.  Shane recalls his great memories starting out and living in New York City:
“It was summer and I was watching TV, when I saw an ad for Faces International. This was a company that would set you up with a professional photographer for a fee, and then the  photos would be placed in a book that would be sent all over the world to film producers, directors, managers, and agents.

The photos were taken but never made the book. My father decided we would mail the photos to dozens of modeling agencies in NY and surprisingly, calls started coming in.

The family found itself packed in a car on the way to New York City!"

Modeling in New York City

Shane spent his first summer working in New York as a model, riding subways and walking the streets of New York.

Overnight my life changed. I was working every day, I would move from job to job getting to know New York and I loved it!

The city was a great adventure, it opened my eyes to many cultures and lifestyles, it was exciting!

It was fun, we would shoot all over New York. One day we were in Central Park, the next day we were on Jones Beach Long Island.

Sometimes the clothes were too big, the stylist would cut a section out of the back and pin them together to make them fit"