Shane McDermott REALTOR in Galveston, TX


Shane McDermott - RealtorĀ®

Shane enjoys living on Galveston Island along the Gulf of Mexico. He continues his successful career as a local REALTOR in Galveston, and he continues to pursue his passion for art.

shane mcdermott art


Shane McDermott - Artist

Shane started painting at a young age once he moved to New York. His love for Art grew over the years and Shane continues to paint today.

Shane McDermott with Seth Green in Airborne



Shane started modeling at the age of 11, and booked his first commercial at age 14. From there, Shane went had several roles on television shows and was the leading role in 1990s movie "Airborne" - which is still loved today. He appeared with then rising stars Seth Green and Jack Black, along with longtime favorite Edit McClure as his caring Aunt Irene.